After 30+ years as a successful international logistics professional, Read’em & Weep owner Venetia Huffman made the decision to indulge her lifelong passion for all things reading and books by launching her indie bookstore near the beautiful and popular North Carolina Outer Banks. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Venetia moved with her husband, an Ohio native to North Carolina in 1999.  “I’ve loved the experience of reading for as long as I can remember,” says Venetia.  “For many years, I’ve had an unrelenting desire to translate my emotional attachment to reading from hobby to business enterprise and community destination.”

Read’em & Weep not only provides bibliophiles with a place to buy and trade used books, but also gives the local community a haven to relax, share conversations, and explore the magic of reading.  Its bright and sunny, spacious rooms invite visitors to wander in, browse the shelves, have some refreshment, and take some time to leave life’s stress at our doorstep.


How much will I get? Exchange value is not based on how much you may have originally paid but the resale value.  If you purchased a title from Read ‘Em & Weep and the original price paid is clearly marked, we may issue up to 50% of the tag price depending upon returned condition.

How many books can I exchange at one time? For same day processing of small quantities (one bag or box), please arrive early morning on any day but Saturday.  For large volume, please call in advance to assure we have time to process your books at a particular day and time which is convenient.

Can I donate books? Yes! We will gratefully accept books you wish to donate for sale at Read ‘Em & Weep.  If we cannot use any items, they will be recycled or you may take them back.

Does my store credit expire?  As long as you are a valued customer at Read ‘Em & Weep, your credit will be honored!

Will you hold items? If you phone or email us to hold any items for you, they will be removed from inventory and held for no longer than 5 business days for retrieval and payment.

What books would be rejected? Any books with smoke odor, water damage, highlighted passages or areas, insect damage, loose/missing/torn pages, mildew, mold, tears, will not be taken.  Textbooks, out-of-date non-fiction, condensed books, periodicals, and former library books cannot be accepted.

“Books fall open,
you fall in,
delighted where,
you’ve never been.
Hear voices
not once heard before,
Reach world through world,
through door on door.”

– David McCord


Why try to choose a selection for that family member or friend who is an avid reader? A gift certificate from Read’em & Weep makes the choice an easy one.  We will be ready to welcome the special recipient for a reader’s shopping trip!

Support the indie bookseller in your community!

We live in a fast-paced technology driven world. But there is growing thirst to find places with soul. When you visit Read’em & Weep, you can take a break, escape into a good story, be treated to a smile from the owner, and find a place that brings readers and writers together.